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Medical Battery Pack Solution for Emergency X-ray Machine

Date:2019-08-26     Source:CPKD

1.     About Medical Emergency X-ray Machine:

A,  Stability, the system adopts the "customer/server" structure mode, and the operation is safe and stable;

B,  Security, the system has perfect security design, can set multi-level authority control system, can customize usage rights and passwords, and automatically protect the emergency protection and other emergency events to ensure data security and reliability;

C,  Friendly, friendly and intuitive interface, strong operability, fresh and clear structure, soft color, and full consideration of human visual fatigue factors, even if used for a long time, the eyes will not fatigue;

D,  Practicality, the system has powerful practical functions, and provides functions such as diagnostic templates on the basis of providing image system functions;

E,   Industry, the system has the characteristics of the medical industry, X-ray medical imaging workstation can store images and basic information in the computer's medical record system, which greatly improves the doctor's level and self-quality;

F,   Operability, the system fully introduces the new concept of “fool”, which can be easily operated without even knowing the computer.

2.     About Medical Emergency X-ray Machine Lithium ion Battery Requirements:

According to the requirements of customers, we designed the requirements for field emergency X-ray machine, field B-mode machine, power-off emergency X-ray machine and field medical equipment power supply. We designed an emergency power lithium battery based on the use characteristics of related equipment. The battery pack adopts 18650 li-ion and imported chips with high safety, high consistency, high stability and long life, and has MOS tube to protect and manage the battery pack.



Cell Model

Lithium ion 18650 battery

Battery Configuration






Charging Voltage


Standard Charging Current


Max. Charging Current


Discharging cut-off Voltage


Standard Discharging Current


Maximum Discharge Current


Max. Peak Discharge Current


Internal Resistance




3.     About CTECHI Make Battery Pack Solution of Medical Emergency X-ray Machine

A,  Protection board (PCM): According to the chemical characteristics of the li-ion battery and the working characteristics of the X-ray machine, the protective circuit is designed to protect the circuit. In addition to overcharge, over discharge, over current and short circuit protection, the protection board The design also fully considers the problem of high power dissipation and battery balance.

B,  Protection circuit: It adopts imported IC and MOS tube to perform on-line real-time monitoring of the functions of overcharge, over-discharge, over-current and short-circuit on the battery core. The battery is operated in a safe, stable and efficient range.

C,  Overcurrent fuse: mainly for secondary protection design. Since the battery pack uses a high-capacity battery with a relatively large capacity, although the battery management system has overcurrent and short-circuit protection, if an abnormality occurs, the protection function will fail, and in the case of an output short-circuit, a very large current will be generated, resulting in a danger. Occurs, so the overcurrent fuse is added to the solution. When an abnormal short circuit occurs, the fuse is disconnected from the circuit and cannot be recovered to achieve the purpose of abnormal protection.

D,  Battery pack: The battery pack's batteries are electrically balanced, which can compensate for the capacity reduction caused by the difference of the individual cells and maximize the service life of the battery.

E,  The battery pack uses a plastic bracket to isolate and fix the battery core, which is more conducive to the heat dissipation and safe use of the battery.

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